Fencing for shops, retail and businesses

Retail fencing

We’re proud to offer custom fencing solutions to enhance the security of retail spaces and protect the safety of both employees and customers. Our fencing solutions not only secure boundaries but also provide an additional layer of protection to your business operations and stock management.

Types of shop and retail Fencing

Timber knee rails
Timber Knee rails and bin stores to new retail units such as coffee shops / fast food restaurants.
Security fencing & barriers
High-security service yard fencing to protect stock and assets.
Pedestrian guardrail fencing
Pedestrian guardrail fencing to create a safe barrier between vehicles and pedestrians in retail settings.
Safety fencing
Air-conditioning / stock cages & compounds to create a safe area between machinery and staff / public.

Advantages of Professional shop and retail Fencing

Provide a secure barrier around a property, protecting it from unauthorised access.
Fully customisable and brandable with logos, colours, or slogans to promote the business and increase brand awareness.
Crowd control
Manage crowds during special events such as sales.
Provide privacy for outdoor retail spaces, such as patios or gardens.
Help prevent accidents, particularly in areas with heavy foot or vehicle traffic.
Help retail businesses comply with council and building regulations.

Accreditations & Certifications

We’re proud to be highly accredited with several industry and health and safety certifications and associations. Learn more about G&O Fencing and our history.

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