Fencing for sports and leisure facilities

Sports & Leisure fencing

We provide safe and secure sports and leisure fencing solutions that prioritise participant and spectator safety and ensure functionality. Our team designs and installs a diverse range of fencing systems tailored to meet the specific requirements of various sports, including tennis, basketball, netball, volleyball, football, cricket, hockey, rugby, equestrian, athletics, skateboarding, BMX and more.

Types of Sports & Leisure Fencing

Tennis court fencing
Secure, quality fencing for tennis courts.
Ball stop netting
Ball stop netting to cricket and football premises
MUGA Fencing
Multi-use game area fencing designed to be strong and safe.
Equestrian perimeter fencing
Riding areas, post and rail and gates for equestrian spaces.

Advantages of Professional Sports & Leisure Fencing

Provide a safe and secure barrier around areas such as sports fields and courts, reducing the risk of accidents and injuries.
Fencing for sports and leisure businesses and locations is created to withstand heavy usage and extreme weather conditions, making it a long-lasting solution.
Provide clear visibility of the playing area, allowing spectators to watch the activity without obstruction.
Help your organisation comply with local regulations and safety standards.
Sports and leisure fencing can provide additional security for valuable equipment and assets.

Accreditations & Certifications

We’re proud to be highly accredited with several industry and health and safety certifications and associations. Learn more about G&O Fencing and our history.

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