Automated gate and barrier installation

Automated Gates & Barrier Solutions

Prioritise security and control access with our automated gate and barrier installation services. We can provide customised, high-tech solutions for all types of businesses organisations and properties.

what are Automated Gates & Barriers?

Automated gates and barriers are a helpful type of entrance control system that controls access to a property, business or premises. These systems typically consist of a gate or barrier that can be opened and closed automatically. Automated gates and barriers are commonly used in commercial and industrial settings to control access to parking lots and other restricted areas. They can also be used in residential settings to provide increased security and convenience.

Automated Gates & Barrier applications

We provide Automatic Gates & Barriers for several industries and sectors including but not limited to:

Commercial & Industrial
Sports & Leisure
Health & social

Types of Automatic Gates & Barriers

Cantilever & Tracked Sliding Gates
Automatic Rising Arm Barriers
Automatic Vehicular and Pedestrian Swing Gates
Road Blockers
Bi-Folding Speed Gates
Automatic Rising Bollards

Advantages of Automatic Gates & Barriers

Enhanced security
Provide a vital layer of security to a property, as they can restrict access to only authorised individuals or vehicles.
Manually opening and closing gates is not required, saving time and effort.
Completely customised to meet the specific needs of your property, with interchangeable options for size, style, and materials.
Increase property value
Increase the value of your property or business premises with automatic gates and barriers that are often seen as a desirable feature by many homeowners and businesses.
Better traffic flow
Automatic gates and barriers often improve traffic flow by controlling access to car parks and loading docks.
Improved safety
Help prevent accidents and injuries by restricting access to potentially dangerous areas.

Automatic Gates & Barriers FAQs

When choosing an automatic gate or barrier, you should consider the following factors:

  • The size and weight of the gate or barrier you require
  • The type of traffic that will be using the gate or barrier
  • The normal weather conditions in your area
  • Your budget
With proper care and maintenance, automatic gates and barriers can last for many years. However, the exact lifespan of an automatic gate or barrier will vary depending on the type of gate or barrier, the climate in your area, and the amount of use that the gate or barrier receives.

Accreditations & Certifications

We’re proud to be highly accredited with several industry and health and safety certifications and associations. Learn more about G&O Fencing and our history.

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