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Street Furniture Solutions

We’re able to provide a wide range of high-quality street furniture products, including bike racks, benches, bollards, and more, designed to enhance the look and feel of your outdoor areas.

what are Street Furniture & Shelters?

Street furniture refers to a variety of functional items that are installed in public spaces such as streets, parks, and other outdoor areas to provide services for people.

Street Furniture applications

We provide Street Furniture & Shelters for several industries and sectors including but not limited to:

Commercial & Industrial
Sports & Leisure
Health & social

Types of Street Furniture

Bike racks & shelters

Advantages of Street Furniture

Street furniture such as benches provide a comfortable place for people to relax and socialise, which can improve the desirability of public and private spaces.
Items such as public bins and bike racks provide convenient amenities that improve the usability and accessibility of public spaces.
Products like lighting and signage can increase safety by making public spaces more visible and accessible at night, which can reduce the risk of accidents and crimes.
Street furniture can enhance the aesthetics of public spaces and create a sense of identity.
Economic benefits
Our street furniture options can attract visitors to commercial areas, which can benefit local businesses and contribute to economic growth.

Street Furniture FAQs

We provide a wide range of high-quality street furniture, including benches, seating areas, bike racks, bins, lighting, signage, and more.
Maintenance of street furniture can vary depending on the type of furniture, material and location, but typically involves regular cleaning, inspection, and repairs as needed.
Yes, street furniture can be customised to fit the specific needs and aesthetics of a particular location. Customisable options may include materials, colours, and design features.
Street furniture provides various advantages to the community including improved comfort, convenience, safety and aesthetics of public spaces.

Accreditations & Certifications

We’re proud to be highly accredited with several industry and health and safety certifications and associations. Learn more about G&O Fencing and our history.

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